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License Details

Basic license details.
KinderCare Learning Center License status: Active
8800 Old Cedar Ave So
Bloomington, MN 55425
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(952) 854-5905
Hennepin County

License number: 800455
License holder(s): KinderCare Education LLC
License Holder Entity Identification Number(s): 6191094
License status: Active
Type of service: Child Care Center
Initial effective date: March 26, 1973
Last renewed or updated on: January 1, 2021
Next renewal due: December 31, 2021

Licensed to serve
Total capacity: 116
Restrictions: None

Licensed to provide
Service: Day Time child care
Ages Served: Infants Toddlers Preschool School-Age

Summary of Reviews and Investigations
Summary information below appears for four years from the date of posting
Date of Visit 
Type of Visit 
Outcome of Visit 
8/26/2021Licensing Investigation + See Violation(s)
12/14/2020Health and Safety Technical Assistance Review In Compliance

Public documents available for this license.
Licensing Actions and Maltreatment Investigation Memorandums
Documents below appear for four years from the date of posting
Document type Date issued Format
Correction Order 2/26/2020 HTML
Correction Order 12/9/2019 HTML
Correction Order 5/7/2019 HTML
Correction Order 5/30/2018 HTML

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